Woof Woof!

Calling all pet stores!

Let’s face it, our furry friends are more than just pets, they’re family!
And, just like how we take care of our family, we want to keep our friends safe and sound.

That’s where our Color-Coded Bandanas, Leash Wraps, T-shirts come into play!
With the color-coding system, you can let other pet guardians know about your pet’s behavioral state and personality before they are approached.

No more unexpected run-ins with aggressive dogs!

Our Bandanas, Leash Wraps and T-shirts come in bright colors with large white lettering that can be seen from a distance.

And the best part? They are affordable and made of high quality materials.

Contact us today to get your starter packs for your store and join the Color-Coded movement!

Your furry friends will thank you for it and so will pet owners.

Giving Back

A portion of our sales is donated to The Emma Zen Foundation – providing Pet Oxygen Masks to first responders.
We donate “Adopt Me” bandanas to various Animal Rescue Organizations.

An easy and stylish way to learn the mood of dogs avoiding any potential bad situation. Made in USA.

Comes with 2 reflective strips.
Uses the same color-code system as the Bandanas and T-shirts.

Keep your puppy warm! This T-shirt is warm and comfortable. Double-stitched in all the right places. And, made in the USA.